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How I Decided on My Wedding Theme and Colours

My wedding theme and colours posed more of a challenge to me than I thought that they would. My decisions about other things related to my wedding have been so easy so far, and so getting to a point where I couldn’t get to an answer or a solution was very frustrating.

Your wedding day is meant to reflect who you both are, and what you are both passionate about.

This one is difficult for me. All that Dillon wants is for me to be happy, so when I asked him what kind of wedding he would want, all he could tell me is what he didn’t want on our wedding day and that all he wants is to see me happy.

The free reign of deciding on what the wedding theme is going to be has made my decision exceptionally difficult, but in saying that, it is rather comforting knowing that Dil trusts me enough to make the right choice that will reflect what I want and not include the things that he doesn’t wish to have at the wedding.

I started off by thinking of things that we both have in common. The sea? Nope, so it wasn’t going to be a beach themed wedding. A love for history? Nope, so it’s wasn’t going to be a vintage themed wedding either. It’s time to delve deeper.

I figured that the only way to find a theme that I love was to look for inspiration. I started looking at blogs like and the I went to wedding expos around the country (which is actually a fantastic idea if you have no idea where to start with your wedding planning because there are tons of vendors and inspiration), and I bought a few wedding magazines, and even created a Wedding Pinterest Board. I literally looked everywhere for inspiration.

All of my research allowed me to pick up on a common theme in all the images I was saving. I was drawn to the rustic and modern wedding themes and I decided that I was going to combine them.

And that was my theme… done and dusted. And now it is time to decide on the colours. I will be honest with you and say that I am still working on this, but there are a few things that I have considered during the process of deciding on my theme and the colours for my wedding.

The Venue

My dream was a greenhouse, and I wanted to be married in one. No castles, no beaches, just a greenhouse. I love the look, I love the effect, and I love the idea of a ton of fairy lights.

Unfortunately, greenhouses are not entirely budget friendly in South Africa and so I quickly came to realise that a greenhouse was not an option. So, I had to come up with plan B. What was plan B? I had no idea at the time.

Dillon spent a number of hours in the evening, over the next few weeks looking at a few vendors for our wedding (not actually a venue) when he stumbled across the venue that I ultimately decided on.

When I tell you love at first sight, it was. I sent an enquiry that night, and a few days later I paid the deposit. Plan B was a beautiful forest wedding.

Forests are the perfect venue for a rustic and modern wedding, so I am definitely on the right track.

The Season

This is more important than you would think. The only thing that I would ever have considered when it came to a winter or summer wedding, was the fact that I would need something warmer to wear in the evening for a winter wedding.

For a wedding in winter months, a wedding colour palette might have darker burgundies, royal blues, and darker greens, and a wedding in the summer months might have a colour palette with more pastel on it.

I will be having a summer wedding, so my colour palette will definitely have pastels rather than the reds, blues and greens.

Create a mood board

During this whole process, Pinterest has literally become my best friend. I have tons of inspiration on there, so head on over to find some inspiration for yourself. Unfortunately, my personal wedding board is on private as I have not yet had my wedding, but a lot of what I have pinned can be found in the rest of my boards.

Once I was happy with all the images that I had saved on my Pinterest board, I pulled out a few images that I absolutely loved and put them into a PowerPoint presentation. As great as what Pinterest is, I found that my board was getting out of hand and very unorganized, so that presentation helped me organize images according to dress, reception flowers, stationery examples, etc. This helped me get an overall look on the wedding that I want to have.

I also created the presentation so that when I contacted suppliers I would send the presentation so that the supplier can get an overall look and feel of my wedding and they won’t have to ask me 100 questions.

I have created a comprehensive wedding planner starter kit that includes templates for your wedding budget, mood boards, guest list, and so much more. Download it here.

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