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My December Beauty Empties

Long post alert! This post ended up being way longer than I expected. Grab yourself a coffee!

Over the years, I have gathered creams, soaps, body mists, and candles from friends and family. Body product hampers are the easiest gift when you are struggling to find a gift for someone.

I am also guilty of buying a cream or deodorant, using it for a little while and not finishing it before heading off to the shops to buy a new one. This nasty habit has left me with a number of half empty products in my bathroom cupboard.

After many birthdays and Christmas’s I have managed to fill my bathroom cupboard to the brim with lotions, mists, soaps and whatnots.  My bathroom cupboard is so full that I can no longer fit anything else into it, and so I am on a mission to clean out the cupboard by using each and every single product in it before buying another one.*

So far this has worked out amazingly for me. I moved out of my mom’s house over 2 years ago and I have only now bought myself my first body lotion. I literally had so many in the cupboard that I have not needed to buy myself a body lotion for over 2 years. If that doesn’t sound impressive to you, then think about it this way… I put body lotion on every day, sometimes twice a day, which means that I have put cream on my entire body 730 times without needing to buy myself a new bottle. Usually, a single 500ml bottle of lotion will last me a month, possibly 2, and I had enough lotion in my cupboard to last me 24 months… I’m straying off the topic here, but just let that settle in your mind.

This month's empties are incredibly boring, but I happen to be very proud of them so I thought that I should share them with you. 🙂 


My rant in the beginning of today’s post serves a purpose. I wouldn't just ramble on about junk if you didn’t need to know any of it… Well, maybe I would. but that is besides the point.

I have 2 body lotions that I finished this month. The one is the Isabella Garcia Hand and Body Lotion. I was given this lotion as a gift from someone, along with 3 hand creams (which I am still working on finishing but sadly I don’t apply hand cream as often as I apply body lotion). The other is the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. I found this body lotion in one of my back packs that I used to take to Netball with me. I imagine my mother bought it for me and I put it into the bag to use at netball games if my legs were dry and I just never ended up finishing it – but thankfully it’s now finished.


The next 2 products are my holy grail eye products. I am yet to find an eyeliner and mascara that I enjoy as much as I enjoy Urban Decays 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner, and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. The eyeliner glides onto my eyelid with ease, and dries fast enough for me not to get irritated waiting and slow enough for me to make necessary corrections.

I love the way the Better Than Sex Mascara applies to my eyelashes. It never clumps, and I find that other mascaras that compete closely with it, like the Miss Manga, seem to clump on my lashes. I love the shape of the brush, I find that it gives my eyelashes the curl that they need to open up my eyes.


I style my hair a lot… Well, styling is the wrong word… I straighten my hair a lot, and I would prefer that my hair doesn’t get damaged. This Redken Heat Protection Spray is a golden oldie from the back of my bathroom cupboard. I bought it when I did my first ever Ombre to my hair back in 2012, used it a few times and then it ended up going into the cupboard when my mom bought me GHD’s heat protectant spray. I pulled it out of the cupboard during the course of this year in order to finish it, and I am very happy to say goodbye. It is a wonderful product and smells great, but it has been in my cupboard for too long.


The Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is an odd one I know. But if you have been following me for a little while, you will know that I use baby shampoo to wash my makeup brushes. I love the stuff, it makes my brushes super soft and smell great. I have tried so many different DIY ways to wash my brushes, and found that dishwashing liquid with olive not only destroys my brushes faster, but I can never get the oil out of the bristles and I end up having an oily residue when I apply my makeup. Not cool!

I tried baby shampoo for no other reason than I walked past it in the baby isle at the shops and though that it would be a great thing to try washing my brushes with. When it worked, I just kept buying it for my brushes.


The last item that I finished this month is the Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 sample. I got this sample a while ago, used it once, and then it ended up in the back of my cupboard for some reason. I pulled it out and finished it within 2 weeks.

I cannot tell you how much I love this product, but unfortunately, Skin Ceuticals is not very budget friendly so I will not be replacing this product any time soon. If you can afford them, I would highly recommend you getting your hands on this product. It’s life changing hydration for your face.

Here’s to finishing more products out of my busy bathroom cupboard!

*This is a work in progress and I still have a number of products that need finishing. 🙂

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