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A Day at the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve

The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve is the ‘Nearest Faraway Place’ for those who stay in Gauteng. The Reserve has everything from Game Drives, and Accommodation, to an Animal Creche, Day Visitor’s Area, and daily trips to the Sterkfontein Wondercaves. This friendly Reserve is the perfect weekend getaway for the whole family.

The Reserve has well maintained roads for self drive game-drives, and that is just what we decided to do for our day visit. So we stocked up the car with waters, colddrinks, snacks, and charged our camera before we headed out for the day to find animals enjoy their day in their natural habitats.

We started off searching for buck and buffalo before heading to the predator enclosure to see the lion and cheetah feeding. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity of taking pictures here – this is just my way of telling you that I was too afraid to open up my window and get a great picture, after all, these are still wild animals.

Here are a few snapshots of the game in the Reserve.


Towards the end of our game drive, we headed to the visitor’s center to spend some time with the cubs, calves and pups of some of the most majestic creatures from South Africa!

It costs R40.00 per person per species to go into the pens and take pictures with the cubs, so we decided to go and see the lions and the tigers.

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