So you have just started a YouTube channel and you want to end your videos off with a super cute animated endslate but you don’t know where to start?

To create my YouTube Channel endslates, I use an online image editing platform called If you like putting together images and create images for blogs, then I would suggest you try Canva – because it is absolutely amazing!

There are other platforms that you can use like Piccy and PicMonkey – these 2 platforms are just as good.

Canva has a YouTube Thumbnail Design template that you can use to create an endslate. This is the template that I use whenever I want to create an endslate. Along with the design option, Canva actually has cute pre-made templates that you can pick from and just change the image and the wording.

To find images to use for my endslates, I use a stock image website called Pixabay. The stock images here are free to use. However, Canva also has a search bar that searches through free stock images that you can use and this will save you time going to Pixabay – I still use Pixabay just because I am used to it and enjoy the layout. 🙂

Watch this simple tutorial as I go through the process of creating mine and adding it to the end of one of my recent videos. I use to create my endslates and I use iMovie to edit my videos.

Here is a direct link to Canva’s YouTube Channel graphic creation. 🙂

Not keen on going through all the trouble of creating one? I created a few downloadable endslate templates that are available in my FREEBIES bank.

Tyla van Til

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