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The Pink Cup | First Impression

While doing my research (a ton of it) before buying a menstrual cup, I stumbled across a blog where the author had mentioned that they have actually forgotten that they were on their period. That sounded like bliss to me. Who wouldn’t want a period where you felt nothing, where there were no strings hanging out of odd places, or panty liners in inconvenient places?

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Tattoo Addict Review

So I have recently got my hands on the Tattoo Addict Beezwax Aftercare Cream, and I have to say that this cream is the beeez-kneez! It is literally the only cream you will ever need to keep in your bathroom cupboard; your medicine box; and even your makeup drawer.

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My New Year’s Resolutions | 2017

My New Years Resolutions – just in case you are interested in what mine are… 🙂

This year, Dillon and I have very similar Resolutions, which is going to make motivating each other a whole lot easier. Basically, I want to do more with my life this year. I will be making some changes that will hopefully become a great routine and part of my everyday living versus just a Resolution for 365 days.

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Slay those New Year’s Resolutions | 2017

There is always stigma around New Year’s Resolutions. Should I make a list or shouldn’t I? It’s entirely up to you. If I tell everyone what my goals are, will I be more entitled to complete them? Probably not. What happens if I am not able to achieve what I set out to do? Who cares really? How do I motivate myself to actually accomplish my goals for 2017? Easily…

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My Handbag Essentials

I often find myself scratching around my handbag looking for something that I know is somewhere, deep down inside the bag. By the end of the month, my bag has filled up with papers, receipts, lipsticks, sweet wrappers, and who knows what else. But at the end of every month, I take a small little bit of time out of my busy schedule to clean out my handbag and start fresh for the new month.

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Quitting Social Media Helped My Insomnia

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So a little bit about my Insomnia before I carry on:

I used to suffer from chronic insomnia triggered by chronic stress, which I didn’t know I had, as well as social anxiety. This insomnia was present during my school years and it became worse during exam times or when a big project was due. I would lie up all night worrying about what I would do the next day or run the course of the next day through my head, which would stop me from sleeping at all.

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His Story | Meet Maximus

Max had been chained up in an unloving home for most of his life. He was left in a yard to endure the cold, the rain and the loneliness. Max developed a problem with his left leg and a neighbor alerted a rescue organization of the conditions that the dog was living under, but sadly in this country there are no laws against keep your dog outside on a chain, as long as there is food and water near by. The only thing that the rescue organization was able to do was to inform the owners that they would need to have Max’s foot looked at to make sure that it was not life threatening.

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Adopting is Rewarding | Meet Maximus

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Adopting a dog, instead of purchasing one, has become the new rage with regards to introducing a pet into your household. Thanks to social media, folks out there have now become more aware of puppy mills and breeders that are taking advantage of a pet’s life. The true horror of such places has been revealed and so more and more people are looking at adopting from animal shelters around the world.

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