Capsule wardrobes not only keep away clutter and help you avoid having too many items of unnecessary clothing, but they also make deciding on outfits amazingly simple.

Set A Goal

Before culling your cupboard, sit down and think about what your end goal is for it. Keeping a clear goal in mind keeps you from throwing away items that you might actually need or want, and from keeping unnecessary items that you should be putting in the toss pile.

The goal that I stuck to while clearing my cupboard out:

To have a quality fitness wardrobe made up of neutral colours, where no clothes are unnecessarily bought or go unworn.

Pick A Colour

Capsule wardrobes are all about versatility and the ability to match most items with each other. Keep your colour choice neutral – like your blacks, greys and whites – and add a single pop of colour to the wardrobe to avoid monotone outfits. If you want to add more than one colour, try choosing colours that complement each other and that will pair well when worn together.

I like purple… so I chose to make it my accent colour.

Time To Toss

It is important to pick your colours before tossing anything that you already own. If you have items of clothing that fit your goal and colour scheme, and are still in good condition, don’t toss them.

Create two piles for yourself: keeping and donating. Divide your clothing between these two piles and donate the items that don’t fit your goal, colour scheme, or have seen better days, and keep the ones that fit you goal, colour scheme, and are still in good condition.

If you find the deciding process difficult, create a third pile for maybes and tackle it at a later stage. Trust me, the process of tossing clothing can be rather emotional and difficult so don’t push yourself over the edge. 🙂

How much clothing do you really need?

Well this is entirely up to you and how often you go to the gym, and also how often you do the laundry… so many deciding factors but here is how I worked out how many items of clothing I need.

I exercise at least six days a week, once a day, and only do laundry once a week. This means that I would need at least 6 outfits for the week. This means at least six leggings/pants and six tops because I ain’t re-wearing anything! 🙂

My capsule items:

2 black tank tops; 1 grey tank top; 1 white tank top; 1 purple tank top; 1 black dri-fit shirt; 1 grey dri-fit shirt; 1 black long sleeve dri-fit shirt; 1 purple long sleeve dri-fit shirt; 3 black full length leggings; 1 grey full length leggings; 1 grey track pants; 1 black ¾ leggings; 1 patterned ¾ leggings; 1 black shorts; 1 purple shorts; 1 black peak; 1 black headband; 1 pair of black trainers; 1 pair of purple trainers

Tyla van Til

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