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Beat #DayZero | My Top Waterless Beauty Hacks

If you live in Cape Town, #DayZero is your new reality. The best way to beat Day Zero is to be prepared for it. I have cut down on my water usage by adding a few things to my daily beauty routine.

MigratE to Micellar Waters & Waterless Face Cleansers

Invest in a good Micellar Water or waterless face cleanser, like Garnier makeup removing wipes, and cut out the ‘washing’ step of your facial routine.

I have dropped washing my face twice a day, and use Micellar water every alternative skincare routine.

Wearing Non-Waterproof Makeup

I find that waterproof makeup (although great for wear during the day) I have to cleanse my face a number of times to get all the makeup off. So, to cut down on the number of times I have to cleanse and the amount of water I use, I have started using non-waterproof makeup.

Becoming a Serious Multi-Tasker

My shower routine has changed completely – I now use the water to wet everything, turn it off, lather up my entire body with all products designed to clean all areas, and then turn the water back on to rinse it all off.

Even before the lack of water in the Western Cape, I always did what I call a ‘massive’ shower twice a week. This massive wash is when I was my hair and shave my legs. I still do these twice a week, but the water shortage has forced me to rethink how to carry on my routine and save water at the same time.

My solution: wet entire body, turn off water, shampoo hair, rinse, apply conditioner and let it soak in, apply shaving cream to legs, shave, turn water back on to rinse out conditioner and wash off excess shaving cream. Boom! Water-saved! There is no unnecessary water running at any time.

Dry Shampooing

My new best friend. Like I have said before, I only wash my hair twice a week, so it comes at no surprise that at some point during the week it can look a little too oily. Dry shampoo is my solution. On days where the oil is just too oily I spray my roots to give them at least one more dirty day.

Washing My Hands Without Water

I like clean hands, who doesn’t? But to keep within my 50 litre daily limit, I can’t wash my hands as often as I would like to. I have stocked up on mini hand sanitizers and I keep them in all my bags as well as around the house so that I can use it in place of washing my hands with water.

To save money, I buy a large hand sanitizer and fill the smaller ones when they run empty.

Investing in Feminine Wipes for a Cleaner Hoo Ha.

When cutting down on shower time, or the number of times you shower a week comes with the reality of a dirty hoo-ha. To avoid this, I have incorporated fem wipes in my daily routine.

1 Cup of Water and a Toothbrush

We all have that nasty habit of leaving the tap running when we brush our teeth. Not anymore… I fill a cup with drinkable water and use this to wet the toothbrush, rinse the toothpaste from my mouth and to clean my toothbrush after cleaning my teeth.

A Non-Beauty Related Tip

Catching Shower Water

I was surprised at the amount of water that we catch in the bucket in our shower. We started off with a very small bucket that would normally be used for mopping and general house cleaning, but then we upgraded to a much larger bucket (one that is designed for holding ice and beers – we all have one of those). With the upgrade, we are catching enough water each week to mop the floors once a day, clean bathroom surfaces, and flush the toilet every time we, uhm, go. 🙂

We have now completely turned off the water supply to our toilet and only use the grey water from the shower. I put the grey water directly into the cistern rather than flush by pouring the bucket of water directly into the bowl because this way ends up using less water.

Grey water can be unsanitary, so a great tip to sterilising it and making it safe for reuse in the toilet and to wash floors or bathroom surfaces, is to pour some Miltons into the bucket.

To beat #dayzero, the idea is to reduce your overall water usage and reuse water where possible.

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