There are 2 types of people that dress up for Halloween: those that go all out gory, and those that keep it cute and simple. This one is for those that love the cute and simple look. This deer makeup look is perfect for a last minute idea for Halloween this year or for any dress up party. A big ups for this look is that I created it using only drugstore products and things lying around the house, so it is totally affordable! Pair this with some jeans, boots, and a brown top and you are good to go.

Before starting the look, I created the deer antlers using some paper that I had in the house. I know… I know… not everyone has colours like these lying around the house but you can find these scrapbooking paper sheets at any local craft store. You can watch the video on how I created these antlers here:

The Makeup Tutorial

Before starting with the makeup for this deer look, I kept it simple with my foundation. I applied my foundation and some concealer and did my eyebrows. I did not do any blush or contouring because that is all part of creating the deer look.

Right, now lets get started with the makeup. For your eyes, start off with a simple colour in your crease. Use the same colour that you would use for bronzer. It is the perfect shade to tie the look together. I used a very orange toned bronzer to add a great colour to my deer look.

Use a dark brown eyeshadow to define your crease more, and then blend it out so that there are no harsh lines.

Pat on a neutral shimmer shade onto your entire eyelid. The reason for the neutral colours is because we want to stay as close to a brown deer as possible, and as exotic and cool as what it would look like, blue eyeshadow is not the goal.

Create a winged eyeliner using a liquid eyeliner pen.

Fill in your tightline and apply a few coats of mascara. If you want to add some falsies then now is the perfect time. I do believe that feathered lashes would look stunning with this look.

For the nose, you are going to need a pot of gel liner and a lip brush (I found this the easiest to create the nose). You need to draw a line along the tip of your nose. You can decide how big you would like the nose to be. I drew the line across the whole bottom of my nose. Draw 2 lines to frame your cupids bow and then extend them diagonally onto your lips. You are then going to fill this in with the brush and the pot of gel liner.

Using a white jumbo pencil, draw dots on the top of your cheekbone. You can customize this to suit yourself. I drew 4 dots along the top of my cheekbone, one on my cheek, and then 2 more underneath the row of 4.

It is then time to contour. Using the same bronzer that you used in your crease at the being of this look, contour your temples, your cheekbones, your nose and your jawline. With this look, the more defined your contouring is the better the result will be.

Once you are finished with your makeup, do your hair and pin your antlers. You are now ready to be a deer for the day.

Happy Halloween!

Please share your recreations with my on Instagram or Twitter (@tylavantil). I would love to see them.

Tyla van Til

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