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Affordable Cat Makeup for Halloween

Left it too late to dress up for Halloween? I always do and so here is a simple makeup look that you can wear to a Halloween party. Simply pair it up with an all black outfit and boom, you’re a cat. Its affordable and simple to create. You could maybe even add some cute little ears to top the look off.

Before starting with the cat makeup, I kept it light and simple on my foundation, contouring and eyebrows. The idea of this look is that you want your eyes and the ‘cat-like’ features to stand out. For this reason, I used black eye liner for everything. The black eyeliner is pigmented enough to create a solid black line.

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Right, now lets get into the makeup. For your eyes, start off with a simple flesh toned pink in the crease. You want to keep the contouring and the colours very close to you natural skin colour, but you don’t want to go without anything on the eye lids.

For your eye lids, just pat on a colour that is to your natural skin colour. Another reason for applying eye shadow and not just going straight in with the eye liner is because the eye shadow helps keep the eye liner in place so that you don’t have it bleeding halfway through your night out.

You are then going to need a waterproof liquid eye liner to create your wing. You can also use a gel pot if that is what you are more comfortable with.

Now because this is a cat look, take the liquid eye liner and bring the it down the inner corner of your eye.

Take a gel eye waterproof eye liner and line your lower lash line.

Coat your lashes with some mascara. If you want to add some long whispy falsies, then now is the time to do it.

For the nose, you are going to need a pot of gel liner and a lip brush (I found this the easiest to create the nose and whiskers). You need to draw a heart shape on the tip of your nose. You can decide how big or small you would like the nose to be.

Fill in the shape that you created with the gel eye liner.

To finish off the nose you will need to draw a line down the center of the tip of your nose towards your cupids bow.

It’s now time for the whisker pores. You can create these with whatever product you like. I used a retractable eye liner so that the dots were a perfect circle.

Now on to the whiskers. You will need the gel pot and a lip brush again. Dip the brush into the pot, turn the brush at an angle and lightly draw the whiskers on your cheek. I angled mine towards the top of my ear so that both sides would look the same. Ease up on the pressure as you reach the end of your whisker so that it doesn’t end bluntly. If you are feeling adventurous, you could even cut out think stripes of black paper and use eyelash glue to stick them to your cheeks for a more 3D effect on the whiskers.

For the lips, if you have a black lipstick then this is a great time to use it. Otherwise, opt for a gel pot or gel retractable eye liner to line your lips and to fill them in. Start off lining your top lip and then extend the other corners of your top lip to make your lips look longer. You are then going to fill in your top lip. I left my bottom lip alone and just applied some lip balm to keep it moisturized.


Happy Halloween!

Please share your recreations with my on Instagram or Twitter (@tylavantil). I would love to see them.


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