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Adopting is Rewarding | Meet Maximus

Adopting a dog, instead of purchasing one, has become the new rage with regards to introducing a pet into your household. Thanks to social media, folks out there have now become more aware of puppy mills and breeders that are taking advantage of a pet’s life. The true horror of such places has been revealed and so more and more people are looking at adopting from animal shelters around the world.

Your local pet stores often get their puppies from puppy mills and breeders that take advantage of an animals’ life. If you are interested in buying a puppy then rather do some extra research to find a reputable breeder instead of going to your local pet store. Animals at puppy mills are ill treated and their lives are often in danger due to the conditions that they are kept in, and by supporting them you keep their business going and the conditions of the animals only get worse.

There are countless places where you could adopt an animal from making your choices endless. There will always be a match for you and your lifestyle.


Recently, my Boyfriend and I decided to adopt a young dog from Friend of the Rottweiler Rescue and Rehome in Cape Town. We were not planning on adopting an animal at the time that we came across him but his circumstances made our hearts sad and so we started thinking about adopting him.

Kiko first appeared on our Facebook timeline in the middle of June 2016, but at the time we were not looking at adopting an animal based on the fact that we had only just moved to Cape Town, and staying with my boyfriend’s parents while we waited for our house to built. Also, my boyfriend had just started a new job and life was time consuming, so there was absolutely no room for a pet.

The second time he appeared on our Facebook timeline only a few days later, we started discussing how sad it was that no one had yet adopted him. The conversation quickly moved onto how we could give him a great life, but (oh and there were so many but’s) we just had no space in our lives for young Kiko. We even ended up talking about what names we would give him if we had to adopt him. The list was endless and caused a few arguments – I can only imagine what it is going to be like if we have to name our child one day. We shortlisted a few names that we found appealing:

  • Zeus
  • Maximus
  • Diesel
  • Brutus
  • Solo

 The third time Kiko appeared on our Facebook timelines was the last time that he would appear on anyone’s timeline in need of adoption. I say that because we decided, then and there, that the world wants us to adopt him and we applied for him at around 22:00 that night.

Soon after, the lady dealing with our adoption contacted us and arranged for a house inspection of the house that we were moving into soon. We fully expected that we would fail the house inspection based on the fact that our garden is rather small, but he is a tripod and so a small garden isn’t a problem.

Passing the house inspection moved us onto the next step, and that was going to meet Kiko to see if we would get along with him. He did frighten me in the beginning because I was nervous of his background, but my boyfriend fell in love with him immediately and it was settled... My boyfriend paid the adoption fee and he was to come home with us the day we moved into our new place during the first week of July 2016.

Now that we were certain about the dog and knew that we were getting him, my boyfriend and I spent an evening discussing the name that we wanted to give the dog. Our shortlist got smaller and smaller, until we came down to a single name – Maximus. With the dog having had such a rough start to his life we wanted to give him a name that sounds powerful, and one that would match the true fighter that he is. It took some time for him to get used to Max but now that he knows his name, it gives my boyfriend and I encouragement that his reaction is nothing but happy and excited when we call for him.

 He had to be fostered while we waited for our home to be finished, and in that space of time he experienced the inside of a house for the first time. He discovered what a couch was and how comfortable it could be. He experienced what a toy was like and was certainly impressed with the ones he was given, and received basic training from his foster mom and dad. He also experienced a massage and some laser therapy from Pet Wellness Worx.


My boyfriend and I have so much planned for this beautiful dog in order to make his life with us a wonderful one. He didn’t start out in the greatest of circumstances and so we believe that he deserves only wonderful things for the rest of it. Max had been malnourished, had a terrible skin problem, some bad habits that needed to be changed, and life long therapy that he will need to be taken to. His journey with us is going to be difficult but we are excited to be the ones to help him through it and to give him the life that he truly deserves.

His story and journey is one worth sharing and one worth writing about. In sharing his story, our journey, behind the scenes of adopting, and everything in between, I hope to create awareness about adopting an animal. I want others to understand that although adopting might be more complicated and difficult than just buying an animal from any local pet store, it is so much more rewarding to watch an adopted animal change and mould around your heart. A broken dog has more than enough room left in their heart to love you, appreciate you, and become totally loyal to you – there is nothing more rewarding.

Rescue organisations give only the best care to the animals that end up with them, but the best care comes at a price and this is sometimes a price that the organisations cannot afford. Funding – in any form of the word – is always appreciated at rescue organisations. If you are unsure of where to start donating or where to volunteer, I encourage you to have a look at Friend of the Rottweiler Rescue and Rehome to start making a difference in an Rottie’s life.

Click here to donate.

Click here to like the Friend of the Rottweiler Rescue and Rehome Facebook page.

You are also more than welcome to send dog food, blankets new or old, or even old news papers to me and I will make sure that they are given to an organisation that is in need. If you would like to do this then please email me on and I will give you further details.

Please note that I am doing this in my personal capacity and will NOT accept donations in the form of money. If you wish to donate money then please contact the organization directly – you can click here to donate.

* If you are unsure on how to get hold of any organization that you wish to donate to, then you are more than welcome to email me and I will find out more for you and lead you in the right direction.

Max passed away before I was able to share this post. In his honour I have decided to go ahead and share this post as I had intended to. He made a huge impact in both my boyfriend’s and my life and his story should be shared and remembered. Our story is a sad one, and a rare case, but I will keep adopting, and I will keep giving hope, life and love to an animal in need. One that only knows the life of a shelter and not one from the local pet store or puppy mill.

RIP Max.



  • Shelayne

    What a Beautiful Heart breaking story. I saw Max on Rottie rescue and my heart went out to him. We already have a rescue Rottie (rejected at birth and we hand raised her) so I knew we couldn’t adopt Max. Was elated when I saw you adopted him and then shed a tear when he passed away. Just thankful that he could have had a family in his last few months!

    • tylavantil|831

      Thank you so much for reading. He was an awesome dig and we were so grateful that he could be happy for the last little bit of time he spent with us. The only thing we are sad about is that we couldn’t get to spend more time with him.

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