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A Summer Holiday | The Essentials

There is nothing more exciting yet more relaxing than going on a Summer Holiday. It’s an event that we seem to share with the world, and look at me… here I am sharing it with the world on the Internet.

A summer holiday is an event that makes almost everyone sing ‘we’re all going on a Summer Holiday’. No matter where the destination, we are all share a common summer holiday idea: the sun, the beach, some cocktails, and a great tan.

Since I am on my very own Summer Holiday at the moment, I thought it would be a great idea to share my Summer Holiday Essentials with you all.

The sunscreen is an obvious essential to have, in order to avoid getting sun burnt and in the long run, avoiding any sun damage caused to the skin by the UV radiation. I also highly recommend getting an after sun cream or ointment just in case you do get burnt.

When looking for an SPF make sure that you look for one that says it is Broad Spectrum. This will ensure that it covers both UVA and UVB radiation, as well as infrared radiation that the sun’s rays give off.

I also always take a hat to wherever I am going to give my face a little extra protection from the sun’s harsh rays. When going on a beach holiday I tend to take a wide brimmed hat so that it covers my costume exposed shoulders, and I tend to take something like a panama hat when going into town because my shoulders would be covered by clothing anyways, and my face would ultimately be the only thing that would need some extra protection.

Fake tan is always one of my summer holiday essentials. I tend to avoid the sun throughout the entire year as I am very fare, which means that I get sun burnt very easily when I am exposed to it. Based on that, I also do not tan very well and will obviously have ZERO tan when going on the holiday. So there is no better time than to cream on a fake one. It’s a great time to brown up the bod and step outside in a beautiful Cozzie.

That brings me to my next few essentials; a costume, towel, some flip flops, and my sunnies. There is nothing more reassuring that you are actually on a summer holiday than being in a costume, throwing on some flops and wrapping a towel around your waist, and styling those sunnies. It is the perfect summer outfit.

I always take a reading book (or my Kindle) with me too, along with my glasses so that I can lie on the beach and read my book while the sun darkens my skin. I also take some water with me to make sure I keep my body hydrated because being in the sun can dehydrate it very quickly.

I hope that my summer holiday essentials have been helpful during your packing.

Enjoy the getaway, wherever you might be going. 🙂

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