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8 Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Here are a few things that no on ever taught us spectacle wearers...



Apply a long wear foundation. There is nothing more irritating than your makeup rubbing off underneath the nose pads. To help prevent this, I apply transparent powder where the nose pads sit and let that bake (along with the rest of my face makeup) for 15 minutes, wipe it off, and I am good to go for the day.


Dark circles are a reality, and one that we need to face, but glasses can make them look 10 times worse. The lens in your glasses can highlight your under-eye rings, so it is important to use not only a concealer, but a colour corrector to help reduce the look of them. I also recommend avoiding mascara on your bottom lashes because this will accentuate those circles.

Experiment with eyeshadows so that you can find the shades that work best for your frames. Stick to the general rule that the darker your frames, the lighter your eyeshadow and eyeliner should be - and visa versa. I have dark mauve frames and so I tend to keep my eye looks lighter than that.

Eyeliner is always a must when you wear glasses. People are looking straight at your eyes and you don't want them lost behind the frames of your glasses. Use eyeliner to make them stand out. I tend to keep my eyeliner lighter than the shade of my frames. On days where I don't wear my glasses, I usually do a black wing, but for the days where I do wear my specs, I will wear gunmetal greys, brown, and bronze eyeliners.

Also try smoke your eyeliner out by using a kohl liner and blending it with a sponge or brush. This will soften your eye look but keep the eyeliner dark enough to attract the right attention.

Curl those lashes sweety... I am totally guilty for not always curling my eye lashes but trust my when I say, you HAVE to curl them when you wear glasses. Curling those beauts makes the world of difference. It not only opens up your eyes but it keeps the little bastards away from the lens of your glasses. I often have the problem where my uncurled lashes will touch the lens of my glasses and bend in the opposite direction, and it is so uncomfortable. #longeyelashproblems

My eyebrows are always on #fleek when I wear my specs... no, wait... they are always on #fleek, but it is especially important to fill them in if and when you wear glasses. My frames are very strong on my face (I have pale skin, blonde hair, and dark mauve glasses - you can see what I am getting at here) so I cannot afford for my face to have no natural framing. I use my eyebrows to naturally frame my face and balance out the look of the glasses.

Some say that a bold lip is great when you wear specs but that all depends on the type of glasses that you wear. Stick to the general rule: the bolder the colour of the frames, the less likely a bold lip will match your makeup look, so keep it neutral. Simple specs will definitely go great with a bold lips. Remember that bold lips will detract the focus from your frames so if you have strong frames and a bold lip, you will confuse those looking at you and they will end up not knowing where to look when speaking to you.

Please also remember that there is no right or wrong way to wear makeup with your specs. Makeup is an art and you should embrace it even if you have glasses. Use your glasses to your advantage. 🙂


Products I used to create this look:
Revlon New Complexion Foundation in 03 Buff
Essence Stay all Day concealer in 10 Natural Beige
Baked using the Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder
Eye look created using the Catrice Absolute Matt Eye shadow palette 010 Eyes Wide Matt
Grey eyeliner Dior Crayon eyeliner in 073 Graphite
Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
Rimmel Exaggerate eye definer in 261 Nior for waterline
Lipstick in Yardley Supermoist lipstick in High Tea

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