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50 Shades of a Review | 50 Shades of Grey Movie

The big hype around the 50 Shades book trilogy has now come alive again with the release of the first (and only??) movie. A few days ago (Valentine’s Day) my boyfriend decided to take me to go and watch the movie knowing that I enjoyed the 3 books.


Disclaimer: I am not a professional movie critic, this is just my own opinion. Enjoy! 🙂


Having read all 3 books, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie – well at least a few aspects of it. The acting was mediocre and the story line (as a movie) was predictable and weak, and if I do say so myself, the actors were a poor choice. But from an imagination aspect though, the producer and director hit the nail on the head. The images and scenery brought the book to life for me. Everything that I had once imagined in my head, had a scene and a real picture. Ana’s apartment in Washington and Christian’s penthouse in Seattle were just as the book had made them out to be. Ana and Kate looked as if they lived in an apartment that belonged to students, those of an artsy kind as Ana is portrayed. Christian’s spacious, crisp, and clean lined penthouse screams modern, young, and classy sophistication.


The red room is a whole other story. Being young myself, I had never heard of a dominatrix nor a submissive so the book really let me in on some fine new knowledge. That being said, I also had no idea what a red room was, and found it really difficult to imagine the red room as whole while reading the book. What the movie did for me was show me what I was actually imagining – the deep, royal coloured red walls, the racks of sex toys, the whips, the chains, everything. It brought everything to life.


Many critics have argued at how bad the idea of this movie is, especially for young people – But just remember that this movie is rated 18 and by this age, many “young people” (as we are so referred to) have tried out more sexual things than you can even imagine. So how bad is it for us “young people”? Is it wrong to let people explore their sexuality and try new things out to see whether or not they might or might not enjoy it? Or are “young people” meant to take your word for it that its awful and people… just… don’t… do… that!

I read an article that says that you should NOT see 50 Shades of Grey. Why not? Most people have read the book, are you going to tell me that I can’t read the book either? Someone could have just as vivid an imagination as what the producer of the movie does. It is not the first erotic romance novel to have ever been released y’know, so what makes it so different? Absolutely nothing! The psychiatrist who wrote the article says that it gives people false and dangerous ideas about their sex life. I totally disagree. There is nothing wrong with a dominant and submissive relationship – its personal choice. Just like it is personal choice to experiment with sexual behaviours or not, who are you to say what I like and what I don’t like?

I won’t go into a long explanation about this article because you would be reading for hours. Just know that I disagree with the article. This is a fictitious movie which is BASED on a fictitious book, and if you cannot see that or determine what is real or not then maybe the Psychiatrists office is the right place for you. Read the article and decide for yourself what you think. 🙂

Do NOT See Fifty Shades of Grey

I understand where the psychiatrist is coming form, and this is where I believe the problem lies: people depict a book as fictional and their mind almost allows them to keep everything in their imagination, but the movie seems to spark an idea of reality – a idea that this could actually be true. But like I said before, if you cannot determine the deference in your own mind then you ought to be lying in a chair sharing your feelings on how this sexual concept has changed your life.


I will be seeing the next movie – which is said to come out in 2016 – because I enjoyed this fictitious movie. It’s only a movie, just like all the other action packed thrillers, and the spooky horrors, and the silly comedies… It’s only a movie – no harm in watching it.


Let me know what you think! 🙂

Happy watching!

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