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Make Up Tutorial | Naked On The Run

This palette is designed for people that are always on the run – like myself.

Why I chose to use this palette for this look?? Well because this palette was designed for just this reason. It is an all inclusive make up palette for those of us that need a little make up but hardly have any time to out it on before leaving the house.

What I love about this palette: I love nude colours, and this palette is all about its nude colours. I think its simple yet very effective for a woman on the go, one who always has little time to fiddle around with 20 other palettes when deciding what to wear that day – as I do.

What I do NOT like about this palette: Most of these are just my opinions and not actually facts about the palette. I do not like the lipgloss that originally came with the palette. I tried it on once and decided that it was not for me, and so I swopped it out for a more pinky shade rather than the brown that was originally given. I also think that the blush is very pink. For a neutral palette, I expected a softer and less pigmented shocking pink for a blush. Unfortunately for me, the bronzer is also too dark, but this won’t be the case for everyone. I am just so fair skinned that anything darker than Fitzpatrick skin type 3 is to dark for me.

I have also decided to use this post as a way to talk about a treatment that I do at work called a dermafrac. It is a form of micro needling done with a serum that is chosen to fit your skin, and your main skin concern. The lines that you see on my face and neck show the reaction that we, as therapists, look for when we perform your treatment. They do not last very long and it is a very great treatment to help with age correction. We also do it on client thats have no signs of ageing yet, because it is a great prevention treatment as well.

If you would like to now more, you can click on the picture below and it will bring you to the Website of the company that I work for. (Unfortunately, this is only for people living in South Africa as we do not have any branches in any other countries.)


Here is the look that I created with this palette. 

The lipgloss that I used for this look is not the one that I received with the palette. I swopped it out with another Urban Decay lipgloss that I owned because I did not like the colour that it originally came with. It came with a more dark brown lipgloss, while I prefer a lipgloss that is more pink in colour.

I see lipgloss as a girly thing and I always tend to go for the pink lipgloss shades and gravitate towards the more outrageous shades in lipsticks.

DSC_0007DSC_0008  DSC_0010

If you want to see how I created this look then click on the picture below to see my YouTube video 🙂 Be sure to subscribe to see my future videos.

DSC_0023 editted

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