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My Travel Check-List | Moving House, or going on Holiday?

Going on holiday?? Download my travel checklist!


Me too!!! In fact, I am planning on moving to Cape Town in a few months time and I need to make sure that I have everything together so that my move it as smooth as possible. I am using a removals company for a few of my house belongings and while I wait for the items to arrive I need to make sure that I have everything to make the wait comfortable. I don’t want to run out of clean clothes, or realise that I have packed my mobile phone charger in the boxes that are being transported over rather than in my carry on luggage, nor do I want to run and buy toiletries the day I arrive at my new place.

So the travel list that I have created is just going to help me make sure that I will have everything that I need for at least 1-2 weeks before my furniture and boxes are delivered – as if I were on holiday for these few days.

I often forget things when I am travelling so who knows what I will forget if I actually have to move. Logically, it would make sense that I wouldn’t forget anything because I should be able to sort through the things easily and decide what should go in the shipment boxes and what should go into my luggage. The problem is knowing what I would actually need on the other side for the 1-2 week wait, and so that is why I am going to pack as if I were on holiday because I generally have everything I need away from home in my travel suitcase.


I have created the check-list and so obviously it is rather personalised, but I made sure to make it very broad so that anyone else can use it as well. You simply need to cross of items that don’t apply to you or add items that I have missed and that you might want in you travel suitcase.

The check list is downloadable here: Travel Check List .



Safe Travels and I hope that wherever you are going, you must enjoy yourself! 🙂




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