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There are very few items in a woman’s closet that are more timeless than the Little Black Dress – The LBD – making it a staple in one’s closet. It was designed to be long-lasting, affordable, and versatile to the widest market of women. Has it succeeded? I think so; it has become a trendy staple with it’s neutral colour allowing for so much more – colourful shoes, tons of accessories and magnificently cut blazer jackets. What more could a girl ask for?

It is often difficult to pick the right dress for yourself when you are choosing for the first time. Online is generally the best place to start looking for your LBD. The assortment of dresses that can be found online is more than you will ever find wandering the streets of London or New York City for the day. The variety of LBD’s are all designed to suit the style needs of the individual wearer – I mean, a bodycon fit is not always everybody’s ‘cup of tea’. When picking your first dress, look for something that you know you will be comfortable in – don’t be daring from the word go.

If you don’t like short then select one that stops just above the knee. It is still short enough to be sexy and it shows off just the right amount of skin without you feeling uncomfortable when wearing it. If you don’t like detail then pick a simple cut and avoid lace and sequin elements in a dress, they might make you feel uneasy.

Now, the other thing plays on all out minds is how to pull it off? I have very fair skin, so fair that i struggle to find foundation and powder in my skin tone, so you can just image that the thought of a Black Dress for me was a big no-no. I felt that it would wash me out even more and that it was only suited for the girls’ blessed with any skin colour darker than what I am. But, oh how wrong I was. With a pop of colour I pull off the LBD with ravishing style.

There is nothing better than knowing that I will have something to wear on those days where nothing seems to be comfortable and everything is in the wash. I always know that the LBD is there for me to fall back on, whether I am spending the day shopping with the girls or going out in the evening with my man – the LBD is perfect from morning to evening.

With the help of I was able to create this wonderful day to night look to inspire you ladies with your LBD. Make sure you go and have a look at the Little Black Dresses that DailyLook has to offer. Their assortment is sure to delight you. 🙂


 When styling your dress for the day, keep the outfit comfortable and fun. There is nothing wrong with a pop of colour – maybe in your shoes or in a necklace. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the items you add with your dress. Flats are generally the easiest thing for a day look depending on what you are doing for the day. A day spent shopping is best done in flats, but a day at the office is best done in a pair of gorgeous court shoes – make sure they are bright and you will definitely be the show-stopper in the office. If you decide to go with a nice pair of brown sandals, as I have below then make sure that you add a pop of colour in your accessories – nothing works better than some turquoise jewellery as it goes with everything.

When styling your dress for the evening, dress yourself up. Nothing say class like some nudes and a classic red lip. Ankle strap heels are seductive when you need to impress your man, and ditch your satchel for a stylish clutch – I picked one with some stud detail to add some dimension to the classic look. I added a spiked necklace to pick up on the spike detail on the clutch.

I hope that DailyLook and I have helped you with ideas to spice up your LBD and maybe you now have thoughts on adding one to your closet.
Be sure to check out to find this amazing outfit above.

If you have a super awesome product and would like me to review it, contact me with more information about your super awesome product and I will get in touch!


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