Intense Black Smoky Eye

 People always have their set way of doing a smoky eye, and so do I. I generally start with my lid and blend eyeshadow out onto the crease and brow bone to create the smokey effect, but i decided to try something new.

I started with the shape of the smoked out look and then added everything on top of that. I really love how it turned out and will probably be using this technique a little bit more using different colours.



Here is how to get this look:

1. Prime your entire lid, crease and brow bone.

2. Take a brown pencil and draw out the shape of the smokey eye. I followed my lower lash line and extended it, and then brought the line back over my eye following the edge of my brow bone (this creates the perfect shape)

3. I used the sponge that comes on the reverse end of my eye pencil just the blend the line, and take away ay harsh lines.

4. I then used a pale yellow shadow to blend the entire line so that there are really no harsh lines visible.

5. I applied a white shadow to the inner 2/3 of the lid.

6. I applied a shimmer white shadow to the inner corner of the lid.

7. I took a black shadow and lighted patted it onto the outer 2/3 of the lid. The white and black will over lap in the center making it easier to blend out the 2 colours.

8. I took a blending brush with no product on it and just blended out the black shadow, staying within the shape that i had created with the brown pencil.

9. I added some eyeliner.

10. Next I just added some mascara.

11. To finish off the look i just added a light pink lipstick because I did not want to take any of the attention away from the eyes.


Products that I used (In Order): essence I heart Stage eyeshadow base; MichellOri Super Long Wear Eyeliner in Bronze 957; Dior 5 colours palette in 030 Incognito (the pale yellow shade); NYX 10 color eyeshadow palette runway collection in 03 Champagne and Caviar (the white shade); essence single eyeshadow in “01 Chill out”; NYX 10 color eyeshadow palette runway collection in 03 Champagne and Caviar (the black shade); MAC eye khol in “smolder”; essence maximum volume mascara; L’Oreal lipstick in “03 Lovely Rose”


Show me your recreations on instagram (@tylavantil). I would love to see them. 🙂 And let me know if there are any looks that your would like me to create.

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