Simple Makeup Look with a Touch of Neon

I know that summer is way over for us southern hemisphere dwellers but i really love this look and I find that it is so versatile and can be worn in any season just by changing one colour.

The yellow, green, and aqua that is in the inner corner for the summer/spring time can be changed for an orange or a red for fall/autumn, and a dark blue or purple for the winter.

This look is super simple to create and can actually give you a lot of choice. It is just a simple nude eye and then a colour of your choice – that you could match with your clothing everyday and it will look like a brand new look every time you wear it. Another great thing about this look is that the winged liner does not have to be done perfectly because you actually blend it out so all you need is the general shape so that the blending will give the correct shape.



Here is how I achieved this look:

1. Prime your lid.

2. Apply a natural shade, one that is very close to your natural skin tone, to the entire lid, crease and brow bone.

3. Use a taupe shade to blend into the crease.

4. Create a winged eyeliner with a gel liner

5. Use a pencil brush with a small amount of black eyeshadow and blend over the winged eyeliner.

6. Use a white eye pencil on the inner corner of your eye.

7. Set that white with some white shadow, this will help with blending in the colour that you decide on.

8. Apply the colour of your choice, I went with yellow, to the inner corner of the eye.

9. blend the colour out really well.

10. Add some mascara.

11. Apply a nude shade of lipgloss and the look is complete.


 Full Product List (In order of use): essence I heart stage eyeshadow base; Beauty Treats 88 professional palette in Colours for the natural shade (colour 9), taupe shade (colour 10) and the yellow shade (colour 13) as well as the green shade (colour 48) and blue shade (colour 17)  for the alternatives; essence gel eyeliner in “01 midnight in paris”; essence kajal pencil in “04 white”; NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette Runway Collection in “03 Champagne and Caviar” – i use the white; essence maximum definition volume mascara; essence XXXL shine lipgloss in “19 Nude Candy”.


Make sure that you check out my Palettes page to find the colour that best fits for your recreations.

I have added a few pictures to the bottom of the pictorial with a few suggestions on other colours that your could use instead of yellow, but you really can use ANY colour.

Show me your recreations on Instagram (@tylavantil) 🙂

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