Burlesque Pin Up Makeup Look

I have totally been watching Burlesque recently and I cannot seem to pull that movie out of my DVD player, so  decided that I want to do my very own Pin Up make up look that is inspired by “Bound to You” – the song that Christina Aquilera dedicates to Jack. I am obsessed with the make up look that Christina wears in this movie and I have been messing around with different Pin Up looks, but I really liked this one and so I wanted to share it with you. 🙂

I hope that you enjoy it. It is really easy to recreate and practical for anytime of day. I wear this look to University a lot and I get a number of compliments on it. 🙂



Here is how I get this look:

1. Prime your eyelid.

2. Take a taupe shadow and blend it into the crease.

3. Use a shimmery light brown and apply it to the entire lid.

4. Take a shimmery brown shadow and blend it into the outer corner and into the crease.

5. Repeat step 4 until you get your desired intensity.

6. Take a dark brown shadow and blend it into the outer corner and crease. Concentrate on the outer corner.

7. Draw a line using a gel or liquid liner.

8. Extend the line past the outer corner.

9. Create a triangle at the outer corner of the lashline.

10. Fill in the triangle.

11/ Line the upper water line.

12. Add mascara.

13. Add a set of fake lashes (optional).

14. Blend the lashes into your natural ones by applying more mascara (optional).

15. The eyes are complete.

Now for the Lips:

16. Use a lip scrub to take away any dead skin.

17. Line your lips with a skin colour lip pencil and then blend a little bit onto your lips. You could also use a red lip line n the same shade as your lipstick instead of the natural colour.

18. Apply a red lipstick.

19. Use a white shadow or highlight pencil on your cupids bow.

20. The finished look. (Now go rock it 🙂 ).


Products that I used: essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base; Urban Decay’s Naked Palette in “Naked”, “Sidecar”, “Buck”, and “Darkhorse”; essence gel eyeliner in “Midnight in Paris”; essence Maximum Definition mascara; Eyelure naturalites fake eyelashes; Rouge in Love red lipstick.

Show me your recreations on instagram (@tylavantil)

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