My Eyebrow Routine

So I haven’t done any maintenance on my eyebrows for about 2 months now. I am trying to get back to my natural shape. Well as close as what I can get it.

I have been plucking, waxing and literally ripping my eyebrow hairs out since I was about 15 because i hated my natural shape and I had always longed for those thin little lines that you called eyebrows in about the early 2000’s.

Last year (or the year before), thick eyebrows came back in and I really wasn’t that keen on giving up my “little lines” because I had lived so long with my “horrible” eyebrows. But now I have finally decided to try an regrow them and reshape them into something that looks fuller and (I will admit it) a little bit more attractive. 🙂

Here is my current eyebrow routine. I have obviously had to change a few things up because of how much thicker they have actually become, but they have grown on me (excuse the pun) 😛 !!



My Method:

1. I use a spoolly (however you spell it) to groom my eyebrow hairs in the direction that they are meant to go in.

2. I then use an eyebrow gel to shape the eyebrow into the shape that i want. This prevents the hairs from moving around during the day, or changing shape from constant touching.

3. I then draw a line using a dark brown brow powder to shape the curve underneath the eyebrow.

4. I use the same dark brown to define the hair line on top of the eyebrow and also down the arch of the brow.

5. I then blend in the actual brow so that there aren’t any harsh lines to be seen.

6. I ten take a light brown eyebrow powder and fill in the base/center/body (whichever) keeping with the natural square shape.

7. Make sure you do both 🙂 and that’s my completed look.

Let me know if this helped you.


Products that I used: essence brow gel; essence eyebrow styler.

Like for more, and the fact that skinny and unfed eyebrows were once a trend :O


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