Recreating Lady Gaga’s Glamour Magazine Cover Look

**I know that my cheek bones look insane in this picture but before you put all your ugly comments on this post just know that those are natural and there is nothing I can do about it. I am not under weight, I am perfectly healthy – my cheek bones just look like that.

I bought this months issue of glamour and I really liked the way that Lady Gaga’s make up had been done on the cover of the magazine so I decided that I would recreate it and share it with you guys.



Here is how I got this look

1. Prime your lid.

2. Apply a white cream pencil shadow to your entire lid and blend it in. This will help the colours that you use to stand out.

3. Set the cream pencil white a pigmented white eyeshadow.

4. Apply a light pink shadow to the crease of the lid but don’t worry about blending.

5. Apply a peachy orange to the crease (over the pink) and blend it out.

6. Intensify the peachy orange and bring it down into the inner corner as well as out to the outer corner.

7. Line your lower lashline with a skin colour eyeliner.

8. Apply the peachy orange to the lower lashline and blend it in to about halfway.

9. Create a winged eyeliner, and line your upper water line in black.

10. Add some mascara.

11. Add some lipstick and then your look is complete.


Products that I used: essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base; L.A. Colors jumbopencil in “Sea Shells”; NYX Runway Collection Palette “White”; Beauty Treats 88 Professional Palette in colours “Light pink” (shade 7) and “peachy orange” (shade 42); Passions eyeliner in “Sequin”; essence gel eyeliner in “midnight in Paris”; essence Maximum Definition mascara; MAC lipstick in “Snob”; Black Onyx lipshine in number “45”.

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