Grey Smoky Eye

Learn how to create a beautifully defined grey smoky eye.


There are many reasons why I love to wear this look… one of them being the fact that it goes with everything that you wear.

The grey is great for the day time as it is dark but not as dark as what black is. Plus, for the evenings, there is no need to change the whole look. You can simply add a black shadow to the outer corners and then blend it out into the crease just to darken up the smokey look.


How to get this look:

1. Prime the eye

2. Prime the eye with a white cream pencil

3. Apply a white eye shadow to the inner half of the lid

4. Apply a light grey eye shadow to the outer half of the lid, blending in the middle

5. Apply a skin colour eye shadow (or a neutral) to the brow bone – this makes blending easier

6. Apply a darker grey to the outer corner of the lid and blend into the light grey and the colour on the brow bone

7. Apply a black eye shadow to the outer corner and blend into the dark grey – this will intensify the grey

8. Apply a highlighting eye shadow where the neutral colour and grey meet on the brow bone

9. Apply eyeliner

10. Apply mascara

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