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How To Create DIY Bobby Pin Accessories

I have recently learnt a few fancy hairstyles but I really don’t know how to give them that extra… something. I have big bows, and flowers, but I really don’t like the idea of putting them into an elegant or fancy hair style. I wanted something smaller and less flashy for my hair style and so I made my own hair accessories. They work out cheaper than actually going out and buying open ended bobby pins.



All you will need is the following:

1. Bobby pins

2. Beads (preferably big ones)

3. Thread

4. Scissors



1. Gather your equipment .

2. Guide the thread through the bead and then cut it to a length that makes tying easy.

3. Thread that through the back of the bobby pin.

4. Tie the thread around the bobby pin.

5. Repeat the process for as many bobby pins as you like.


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